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Our Foundations

We are a team first and our brand's success is a byproduct of that team.

Passion is at the heart of SISU. We are continuously moving forward, innovating and improving. We use our drive and commitment to energise, engage and inspire others. We believe in people and the power of people.

Integrity runs through our DNA. We are honest; full disclosure and transparency at all times. We are open, ethical, and fair. Empowerment for all.

Courage is the backbone. We are entrepreneurial and take leaps to reach beyond boundaries. We challenge the status quo and seek new ways to grow our brand and each other.

Our Partners

We wouldn't be anywhere without the brands we’ve worked with who have been willing to be Brave, Honest and Curious with SISU...

Kind words from our partners

"We would consider our team at Autocab to be extremely diverse, but we wanted to dig deeper into its importance and approach concerns within our industry. After talking to SISU it was clear that both Louisa and Olajide made this topic natural to discuss, relatable and constructive. The Talk Lounge allowed our team to open up and ask difficult questions. SISU not only shared their knowledge but was able to break down parts of this topic, so we were not overwhelmed. It was made clear that talking about situations and sharing feelings can only help us all take a step in the right direction – extremely refreshing! SISU are honest, open, and upfront when it comes to delving into Equality & Inclusion which allowed my team to walk away from the session feeling empowered and connected. We are looking forward to working with them again soon!"
Acacium Group
"SISU just brings something different to the D&I space that is honestly, a breath of fresh air. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants to help their teams to be able to bring their authentic self to work, by using innovative and creative ideas."
Kew Green Hotels
"The team at SISU listened to our needs, understood our business, and gave us step by step guides to ensure that our processes are fair, our employees feel valued and included. Everything was presented in a way that we had not come across before, full of colour, passion, and energy. We have just completed our first stage which was centred around Unconscious Recruitment, and we are excited for the rest of the journey with the team at SISU"
Choice Global LTD
"After connecting with various EDI consultancies, we landed on SISU for their personal approach and relatable experience. It was such a pleasure to work with SISU, and we have picked up many tools to continue on our EDI journey. The team was fully engaged and are already asking when our next sessions will be. We look forward to collaborating with SISU again!"
Outlet Group
"Our management team have recently completed two workshops on the topic ‘All about race’, expertly led by SISU. From the outset, SISU were incredibly passionate and really easy to work with. We set out our goals and they built a program that met our needs. The workshops themselves had to be led virtually due to the pandemic, but this didn’t affect the quality of the delivery, and in fact, allowed our teams to really engage fully in the program. We have learnt a huge amount along the journey and are very passionate about tackling the issue of racism head-on. We would highly recommend their services and have no hesitations about working with SISU in the future."
Acacium Group

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