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The Whispers We Hear

Building SISU with Faith, Hope, and Humanity

Four years ago, we founded SISU—a name rooted in the Finnish concept of resilience and determination. Our equity, inclusion, and wellbeing agency was born from a cocktail of frustration, hope and an unwavering love for people. We envisioned a world where everyone has a seat at the table, every voice is heard and businesses operate with a heart.

Building SISU has been a journey of faith. Faith in our mission, the people we collaborate with and the community we serve. We’ve been blessed with a circle of like-minded individuals who share our values, who believe in the power of equity, inclusion, and wellbeing. However, as Oprah once said,

“Listen to the whispers. You will be told everything you need to know.”

These whispers often reveal a harsh truth: not everyone shares our intentions, values, or beliefs. And that’s okay. We are all different, after all. It’s crucial to recognise these differences early, to navigate them wisely and to protect the integrity of our mission.


Starting and sustaining a business is no small feat. As a start-up we lack the safety nets that larger, more established companies enjoy. Time, quite literally, is money. The hours we pour into idea generation, strategy sessions and client meetings are invaluable. We’ve learned to respect people’s time deeply because we understand its worth.

One of the greatest gifts we’ve received on this journey is feedback. It’s not always easy to hear, but it’s essential for growth. At SISU, we hold ourselves accountable, ensuring transparency in all our dealings. This commitment to honesty is a epicentre of our brand’s values. We believe that by being open and genuine, we foster trust and create stronger, more meaningful relationships.

However, the path has not been without its challenges. The world out there can be tough and the startup ecosystem is often unforgiving. Many incredible, creative and entrepreneurial brands falter, not because they lack potential, but because the founders become jaded by negative experiences. This is a loss not just for the founders, but for all of us. These brands carry the seeds of innovation, the sparks of change we need to make the world a better place.

As we start a new week, let’s remember to make the journey easier for one another. Let’s lift each other up, send the elevator back down and help others rise to the top. Behind every brand there are people—dreamers, doers and believers. We owe it to them to be kind, respectful and supportive.

We at SISU are committed to continuous growth and learning. Sharing these thoughts and stories is our way of sparking curiosity and inspiring new ways of thinking. We hope our journey and insights can help someone else navigating similar paths. Storytelling is a powerful tool we all possess and at SISU we love harnessing it to connect, inspire and empower.

Here are three top tips for anyone looking to engage with a start-up business or work with a start-up:

  1. Respect Their Time – Start-ups are often stretched thin. Be punctual, prepared and considerate in your dealings. Time is a precious resource; don’t waste it.
  2. Offer Constructive Feedback – Honest, constructive feedback is invaluable. It helps start-ups grow and improve. Be tactful, clear, and supportive in your communication.
  3. Be Transparent – Clear, open communication builds trust. Whether it’s about expectations, timelines, or challenges, transparency fosters stronger, more resilient partnerships.

Those who know us at SISU, know we love a quote, so let’s draw inspiration from someone who understood the essence of human connection and perseverance. Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Let’s hold on to this belief, support one another, and continue striving to leave the world in a better state than we found it.

As we move forward, let’s be the whisperers of hope, resilience, and kindness. Let’s build a world where every voice is valued, every idea is nurtured and every person is respected.

Here’s to a week of faith, hope and humanity.

Feel free to share your thoughts or reach out if this resonates with you. Let’s keep the conversation going and the spirits high! 

Stay Brave, Honest and Curious!

The SISU Team

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