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The Take Home From 2020

In a year which has seen chaos uncertainty & lockdown, we have also seen neighbours shopping for each other, appreciation for the invisible who carry the weight of our essential services. Adaptability to create a new way of working. The true value of a smile, the humour of “you’re on mute” and “your video is off”. The growth from homeschooling. The grit which has allowed us to continue to look for new opportunities and horizons. We have learnt the importance of family, friends and a simple hug. The joy of a picnic in a car on a rainy day with friends and family. We have learnt the importance of people standing up for issues and refusing to live in a state of numbness.

I have heard so many people say they can’t wait for the year to be over or to put the year behind them. I for one will not be taking that approach. Yes, 2020 has been tough and we have lost Family, Friends and some absolute legends. But despite everything we have been through we have made it and so much as been learnt.

Through every storm, there is always a take-home, something to have learnt and grow from.

I wanted to share my take home from the year, but also thought it would be nice to get a collection of viewpoints from people in my network, so here’s what they had to say when asked, what will your take-home be from 2020.

The circle of life continues as Samantha Gasson from EC1 Partners tells us that her take-home from 2020 is “A Baby” Although life has been lost a lot of new life has been welcomed into the world.

Ola Kalejaiye’s take home from 2020 is “Perseverance, faith and a reminder that It’s a we problem, not an I problem”

There’s something to be said about going back to the basics and Stephanie Latham from Harri’s take home for 2020 will be “to be kind”

Sarah Olgun-Knight from Lexandon Properties will be “appreciating what is important in life” as her take home from 2020.

Lucy Sunner from Autocab will be taking home “the courage to open up about her feelings to family and friends. Sharing has strengthened her relationships and boosted her self-confidence. Oh and also, not sure if you heard but…SHE GOT ENGAGED 💜. 2020 was a pivotal year for this gal”

For Psychiatrist William, ” 2020 has reminded him of the challenge and value of hopefulness. Sure, remaining hopeful, believing things will get better, means it’s easy to be disappointed when hopes aren’t realised. But living without hope leaves him in despair. 2020 has shown him that he would rather live in hope than live in bleak despair.”

Matt Culley from Huel says “2020 has given him the opportunity and headspace to be more reflective and grateful for everything in his life. It’s easy to have dreams and think about where we would like to be in the next 3, 5 or 10 years. This year he has learnt to stay in the moment, reflect and be grateful for what has been achieved so far. He now feels even more focussed and motivated on what he needs to do next to reach his ambitions and goals. 2020 for him was realising the importance of creating an inclusive, welcoming and empowering work culture. At Huel we really are one big family and whilst at times he has enjoyed working in his PJ’s, he is genuinely so grateful to work with amazing people and cant wait to see everyone in person in 2021”

Operations Manager, Dave McCredie says that 2020’s learning was that “Life is what happens when you think you’re too busy with other things. Don’t turn a blind eye to well-being and what matters”

Jose Rubio from Eatley’s take home for 2020 is around seeing “so many company’s having Diversity &Inclusion finally having a seat at the table of businesses and seen as a priority. The idea should be viewed as ‘belonging values’ that are part of the fabric of an organisation. Here’s to positive change for 20201 and beyond.”

For me, my take-home is life is all about taking the positives and by doing so you get more from it. The people you surround yourself with has never been more important. I have surrounded my self with people that lift me up, that motivate and inspire me to achieve success, life is way to short to be around anyone who may become a reason for our misery. 2020 has taught me to believe in myself and trust the journey that is life.

So for 2021 remember what it is your working towards, set your intentions and fall in love with the journey. Remember the energy we put out into the world is the energy that we get back. No matter what pace your walking at, take your time and do it at your own speed. Make sure your on the right path and do the work. Self-work, self-reflection, self-improvement.

Finally enjoy the journey and celebrate all along the way.

Thank you 2020 its been interesting and remember to not wish it all away, cause there were some good bits. I challenge you to think long and hard and I promise you can find at least 1 thing to be grateful for.

Merry Christmas and a here’s to 2021 for more learnings, growth and surprises.

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