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The creative Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing consultancy comes to life.

SISU will collaborate with organisations to embed Equality, Inclusion and Diversity principles within the day to day running of their businesses across the UK.

SISU are passionate consultants who understand the importance of equity and pride themselves on their personal approach and creativity.

Passionate about people and the power of people; Visionaries, Olajide Alabi and Louisa Davies, have launched a Diversity, Inclusion, and Wellbeing consultancy to ensure Equality, Inclusion and Diversity practices become second nature to businesses and their employees with dedicated guidance, training programmes and resourceful data packs based on a business’s specific needs.

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Olajide has worked within a Recruitment Management capacity for some of the UK’s largest brands within the Hospitality sector including JD Wetherspoon and Gourmet Burger Kitchen. He has managed diverse recruitment strategies, launched successful Diversity and Inclusion strategies, led training sessions on unconscious bias and created future plans following this year’s Black Lives Matter movement.

Louisa Davies has spent the last 13 years working within the fashion industry including leading luxury brand, Burberry where she is an ambassador for the Princes Trust and a leader for the Women Supporting Women movement.

Her time has been spent fundraising and working with partners to organise marketing events and recruit young women to prepare them for work through mentoring and hands on experience. As a certified Mental Health First Aider, she also works on a 1-1 basis coaching employees through work/ personal related issues to ensure the workforce feels valued and supported and has been a champion in pushing a holistic approach within corporate environments.

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Olajide and Louisa created this consultancy after deliberating various situations that they had either witnessed or personally experienced in the workplace. This led them to notice that many businesses have a lack of understanding as to what the power of diversity means and the positive affects it can have on output if its embraced, harnessed and developed. SISU was born from a true passion and belief that there can never be too many people fighting for equality, educating on inclusion and celebrating wellbeing in the workplace.

Olajide said “It is so important that companies represent the world they serve, especially now that businesses are shaping the world we live in.”

Louisa said “Our aim as a business is to educate in an innovative and engaging way, to ensure a greater understanding of the subject matter. SISU wants to enlighten and enrich businesses with the ability to take these learnings and make the world a more inclusive place for all.”

As the nation and the world look to learn about a subject that we should have been thinking of all along, SISU believe that following 2020’s economic and social hits such as the UK withdrawing from the EU, the Global pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement to name but a few, makes this the pinnacle moment to launch their consultancy.

Olajide said “This year has allowed all of us to stop and evaluate how we can be better, by doing better”

SISU will offer services including Unconscious Bias Workshops, Diversity & Inclusion Audits, evaluation of Communications Strategy, Disability Schemes and Audits, Training solutions, Wellbeing Awareness Training, advice on building Employee Networks and so much more.

Olajide & Louisa are dedicated to making a difference in the workplace for millions of people in the UK, to ensure that people like us feel comfortable, happy, valued and have a sense of belonging.

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