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Embracing Unnatural Nature

Let’s Celebrate Diversity and the Spectrum of Humanity!

As I wandered through the Queer In Nature exhibition this weekend at Kew Gardens, my mind embarked on its usual journey of contemplation and musings. I stumbled upon a thought-provoking piece that challenged the notion of what’s “natural.” The placard read:

“One of many words that are often used to criticise homosexuality and transness is unnatural. However, the living world shows diversity and nuances at every level – making nature itself unnatural by this definition.”

Now, doesn’t that make you pause and ponder? It certainly did for me. We’ve all heard the terms ‘unnatural’ or ‘against nature’ used to criticise homosexuality and transness. However, when you think about it, our natural world is teeming with diversity. Every leaf on a tree, every creature in the forest and every star in the sky—each is unique yet together, they form the tapestry of life.

Embracing Unnatural 2

This got me thinking: homosexuality and transness have been part of human existence for centuries. Remember Socrates? Yes, the very same philosopher we study in our textbooks. It’s been suggested that Socrates might have been gay or, at the very least, his time would have branded him as such. So, for centuries, in the grand tapestry of society—loosely woven as it may be—diversity has always been present.

But let’s not stop at recognising the existence of diversity; let’s celebrate it! The real magic happens when we create spaces that embrace and celebrate the uniqueness of individuals. When we unlock this gem, we uncover a trove of incredible stories, experiences and knowledge that can enrich our lives.

It’s a truth we can’t ignore: we need to return to our roots—the roots of everything, NATURE. Nature is the ultimate teacher. It tells stories of adaptation, resilience and survival. It shows us that diversity is not unnatural; it’s the very essence of life.

So, here’s a simple call to action for all of us: Let’s embrace diversity in all its forms, whether it’s in our fellow humans, the natural world, or within ourselves. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty in the spectrum of humanity. And as the saying goes, “Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.”

As we navigate through life, let’s remember that what some may label as “unnatural” is often the most natural thing of all. The living world is our evidence. It’s time we learn from it, embrace it and celebrate every colour in our rainbow.

“In the end, it’s not about being ‘normal’ or ‘unnatural,’ it’s about being authentically you. Embrace your uniqueness and celebrate the diversity that makes the world a more colourful and beautiful place.”

Harvey Milk

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