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Choose to Challenge in 2021

Following on from our recent campaign to support International Women’s Day whereby we asked our SISU allies two very important questions, we have some food for thought around this years tag line and their responses…

“A challenged world is an alert world, and from challenge comes change”.

We all need a shake up every now and again right? Something to challenge our mindset and keep us from becoming stagnant?

We are human after all, and naturally humans evolve, but as History will have us believe, evolution comes from monumental change whether that be at the ‘hands of Man’ or ‘Mother Nature’.

Were we all becoming just a little disconnected from the world and its people?

Has the pandemic been society’s wake up call; Making us more alert to the world around us?

Perhaps it has highlighted the need for change in a way nothing else could. A need for fresh starts and new beginnings. A need to cherish life itself, and protect each other and our planet.

Some of us find adaptability comes naturally, and others not so much, and although we’re sure we speak for many when we say this year has pushed us into building more resilience, we know it’s no easy feat.

Resilience, the buzz word of 2020 that has followed us into 2021 like a super heroes cape, dragging heavy on the floor behind us.

Alas, we draw nearer to what appears to be an end goal, and so it is important we recognise what our resilience has taught us before we take flight- capes at the ready…

Agnes spoke to us of her most auspicious learning. Always have a Plan B, no matter how small. We’re sure there are many of you out there whom don’t leave the house without Plan B, and carry it around like an epipen. For others (guilty as charged) life isn’t so methodical, and so Agnes’ advice to herself is lovingly welcomed with open arms. Life is not predictable by any means and a lot of the time it isn’t even in our control. It’s far more important to focus on what we can control, like how we react to things when they don’t go as expected. Having a Plan B will only soften the blow if Plan A doesn’t go accordingly.

Agnes’ video can be found here.

Natasha reminds us how valuable and precious our time is, and that no matter how extreme the change may be, there are always positives to be found. Like increasing time spent with loved ones or learning something new. Human beings can do remarkable things when we look to our inner strength and trust in our capabilities. Seize opportunity where possible and believe in yourself first and foremost.

Natasha’s video can be found here.

Rhiannon highlights why it’s important to trust in our journey and how to hold ourselves accountable for our mindset and outlook. Sometimes this is easier said than done, and it’s easy to get caught up in a downward spiral when we face sudden changes to our day to day that are out of our control; As Katie also pointed out to us- don’t sweat the small stuff!

Rhiannon imparts some great, yet simple tools we can use to manage our reactions and keep our thoughts on a positive streak.

Rhiannon’s video can be found here.

Katie’s video can be found here.

We at SISU are so fortunate to have many empowered women as our allies, whom continue to challenge the status quo, elevate their fellow females and think outside of the square to pave a better future for the next generation of trailblazers.

We have also thoroughly enjoyed watching all our brand allies create for this International Women’s day, the people we have been virtually introduced to through these campaigns, have been nothing short of inspirational.

So we ask you, what are you choosing to challenge through 2021?

Let’s discuss!

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