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Black History Month; A view to the Future.

At SISU we are about the future and safeguarding it for generations to come.

We have been thinking long and hard about how we want to approach this year’s #BHM. A thought process we have mulled over so much we are almost at the end of it, without a single mention thus far.

It is because we care. And when you care about something so much, a passion so strong it’s like cradling a newborn or waging everything you have on a dream, you want to make sure you manoeuvre with caution, that you have made the right choices, and aren’t blinded by emotion.

So, this is how we view progress and change. This is what we endeavour to challenge.

Whereby we believe a sense of knowing where you come from, and what you’ve come from is important, we also believe holding onto the past can be problematic for growth and development.

Staying stuck on a page means we’ll never reach the ending…

This year we want to push back on BHM in order to expand it.

BHM should not be a one-hit-wonder whereby for one month of the year we challenge ourselves to learn something about the history of Black Culture or the Black Experience, and in turn, go and purchase a one-off product from a Black-owned business- then immediately feel gratification for ‘doing your bit’.

This is the detriment of BHM. History at some point needs to become History. Not forgotten per se, but not replayed and relived through a learned trauma. We need to focus our thoughts on the present to create the future. History starts now and continues every day.

What are we doing to change the present issues? How are we consistently showing up to support one another, and dismantle divides created by predecessors we never even knew?

We think it’s time to release the past for whatever it may have been and start carving a new history to be taught within our educational system.

A history where we aren’t fighting to be heard or labelled. A history that starts a revolution. A revolution whereby there is no fighting involved, there are no teachings that one being is lesser than the next regardless of any type of characteristic or difference, including skin tone.

Our goal at SISU isn’t to be the voice for all of those who feel segregated, it is to be the voice that welcomes everyone together to stand up and rebuild a world that unites and shares. This is why we have disregarded Diversity; We have fuelled Equality, Equity, Inclusion and well-being with every ounce of drive and determination we possess. We are not your run of the mill D&I consultancy or your HR representative. We are people standing for people, with knowledge, with experience, but most of all with Love.

We want to emit BHM so Black Culture is celebrated every day, and always, in individual moments, for individual things that we are proud of. Proud To Be. Proud to be celebrating. Small or big. And alongside any other histories, we create from this day forward.

Our minds are not the encasing that surrounds them. Our looks are not the foundations of our being. Should we place such an importance on an exterior that is essentially digressing whilst our minds have the capacity to expand with development?

If you answered yes to this question, we invite you to learn with us, if you answered no, welcome to the history of tomorrow….


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