Since #BHM ended almost three weeks ago, we’ve been thinking about what we do as individuals to keep the dialogue going, but also how to intertwine our actions into the everyday, and making sure it eventually becomes something we no longer need to actively think about or even discuss. We want to get into why it’s important to support black owned businesses, small businesses, and local businesses too. If you start to think about the area you live in and what you can contribute

Black History Month; A view to the Future.

At SISU we are about the future and safeguarding it for generations to come. We have been thinking long and hard about how we want to approach this year’s #BHM. A thought process we have mulled over so much we are almost at the end of it, without a single mention thus far. It is because we care. And when you care about something so much, a passion so strong it’s like cradling a newborn or waging everything you have on a dream, you want to make sure you manoeuvre with caution,